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  • Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro upgrades

    22 September at 20:32 from atlas

    If you have a Mac that's a few years old, chances are you've started to fill up the original hard drive and your applications are running slower than they used to. Over time we collect more and more media on our drives, things like photos, music, movies, applications, documents and email. This all adds up to many gigabytes of data that begin to consume all the available free space on your hard drive.

    Early Mac owners that bought their systems with OS X Leopard installed probably have 1 or 2 gigabytes of memory in their systems. The OS X upgrade to Snow Leopard was quite capable of running on 2 GB of memory, but if you are looking to take the leap to OS X Lion, be aware that the minimum memory required just for Lion is 2 GB. The optimal memory is 4GB or more and most Intel based Macs can handle the upgrade to 4GB of memory except some early Mac Minis.

    The good news is that upgrading either the hard drive or memory or both is relatively easy in portable Macs. We offer clients a fixed fee upgrade for hard drives which includes a brand new massive 750GB hard drive which is identically cloned to your current drive, performed overnight for just $299. When a drive is cloned, it is an exact copy of the current drive in your system and no data, settings, files or programs are lost in the transfer. So when you bring in your Mac, the upgrade is performed and your Mac will work exactly like it did when you brought it in, but with a newer, faster, larger hard drive in it and you get to keep our old hard drive as a backup.

    A memory upgrade is another option you may require in your Mac. We can upgrade your memory to 4GB for $100. The process takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes while you wait and no data is lost in the process. The benefits of increasing memory are two fold. Firstly the extra memory will boost performance of larger applications that require hundreds of megabytes of data be loaded in memory. Secondly when running multiple programs at once the extra memory alleviates hard drive paging or swapping of memory between the hard drive and memory. Paging is a very slow process and is best avoided for best performance.

    For those that require both a larger hard drive and more memory we offer a combined package of a 750GB hard drive cloned to your current drive with an upgrade to 4GB of memory for a combined discounted price of $375.

    In addition to the above we can also offer a quote for a faster 240GB SSD drive instead of the 750GB drive for and extra $170 or if you have a newer system requiring DDR3 memory we can offer you up to 8GB of memory for an extra $40, or both the SSD and 8GB of memory for $200 extra.

    If speed is your thing and you don't require a lot of hard drive space, let us quote you on an SSD best suited to your Mac. Depending on your model and space requirement we can install a cloned 120GB SSD from $325, but prices change frequently so please contact us for and up to the date price.

    Upgrades are well worthwhile and given the high quality of Apple hardware, they are good investments to keep your old system capable of running new operating systems like OS X Lion for a fraction of the cost of a new system.
    Advice is free so give us a call or email with any questions you may have on upgrade options for your current system - we're happy to help where we can.

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