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  • Apple releases new 2011 iMac range

    17 May at 17:02 from atlas

    Earlier this month Apple launched an update to its popular all in one iMac range. Externally not much has changed except a few new interfaces on the back of the system, but I'll get to that soon.

    What's new in the iMac range?

    Internally the entire line up has been revised with quad core generation 2 Intel Sandy Bridge processors i5 processors standard across the range and the more powerful i7 quad core processors are optional on the more expensive 21.5" and 27" models.

    All models now come with 4GB memory standard with 8 or 16GB configurations now possible with the 4 DDR3 RAM slots available on the bottom of the chassis.

    Hard drives now start at 1TB (500GB for the base model) and option up to 2 TB with an exciting 2nd hard drive spot available for an SSD. This is great news and I'm already recommending my clients to go with SSD option as adding the drive after the custom order is not yet possible. No doubt an after market kit will be made available - let's hope OWC comes up with a workable option soon.

    In previous iMac models, the SATA hard drives were upgradable and although it was a big job to replace a drive, Apple have now changed the SATA connection thereby excluding after market hard drive replacements. Although I expect a work around solution to become available in the next few months, I highly recommend clients choose a capacity now that they can live with in the long run.

    Graphics have been beefed up with ATI Radeon HD 6750/6770/6970 M series chips on board. Different iMac models come with different chips, so suggest you make sure the system you order has the graphics card you want as they cannot be retro-fitted.

    Future technology has arrived. Thunderbolt is the interface of the future and promises a level of expandability and speed that external devices could only dream about just a few months ago. Once devices begin to come on the market, this interface will allow hard drives to operate at full speed same as if they were connected to the SATA port inside the computer and still have speed capacity to spare and share with other devices daisy chained down the thunderbolt link.

    No doubt some of the first devices designed for Thunderbolt will include USB3.0 and eSata ports so you can use your legacy devices on the new interface.

    So why do we like the new iMac range?

    Same big screens and system integration as before.
    Upgraded processors, graphics and better base configurations.
    SSD Hard drive option
    Price is very competitive with the base model starting at only AUD$1199 for 21.5" and AUD$1699 for the 27" model.

    If you're in the market for a system on the Gold Coast, please consider letting us assist you with the purchase decision, transfer of programs and data and provide a backup solution for your new system.