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  • Does your ADSL speed drop over time?

    24 April at 19:32 from atlas

    Not all modems are created equal and a lot of complaints arise over how the Internet seems to slow down, or isn't as fast as when they first got it.

    Fact is there are many reasons why speeds can feel slow, some causes can be software related including virus protectors while other bottlenecks can be hardware related.

    Software slowdowns can arise on a few different levels. Lower level causes include drivers for the network port that allow communication with the operating system. Mid level causes can be the network settings in your operating system, often these can be easily fixed with network tools. Top level causes are program's that monitor network communications like virus scanning software, firewalls and web browsers. These software issues can be difficult to pinpoint, but methodical elimination (and experience) plus some luck can usually resolve the issue and restore fast connections speeds.

    The other culprit can be your modem, this is a little easier to troubleshoot for and just involves logging into your routers configuration page from your web browser. Usually a fresh connection (acheived by power cycling or rebooting the router) will allow the modem to sync the ADSL line at the best possible speed with your service provider. Over the course of a week or month, glitches and anomolies in the line quality will force the modem to lose sync and retry the sync at a lower connection speed. The longer the modem is connected, the greater the chances of this phenomenon occurring.

    The best way to check if this is affecting your system is to monitor the connection speed through your routers web interface over the course of time. The good news is that by power cycling the modem once a week (while no one is using the internet) you may find the connection speeds remain at the top sync range. Alternately you can try a different model router that may be able to maintain a better sync speed.

    As usual we recommend consulting an IT specialist about your issues if you feel out of your depth.

    Happy computing.