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  • iPhone 5 news release on 12 September

    8 September at 11:11 from atlas

    If you've been holding off upgrading your mobile phone, you may not have much longer before Apple release the much anticipated iPhone 5. 

    Rumours are circulating about its features including a larger screen, slight change to the form factor, a new connector plug and importantly iOS version 6. The shroud will officially lift on September 12 when Tim Cook is expected to unveil the new model along with potential mini iPads to compete with Kindles and smaller form factor tablets.

    Australia will very likely miss out on the true 4G offered to USA customers on AT&T and Verizon networks due to conflicting frequency used by Telstra for its own 4G implementation. I've been in the USA for two weeks and trust me - the Telstra network has far superior coverage and general availability even if peak speeds are limited to 3G. 

    So hold off purchases until September 12 when a few new Apple gadgets are expected to hit the shelves later in the month.