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  • Is now a good time to buy a Retina MacBook Pro 15" ?

    4 August at 11:24 from atlas

    The top line model in Apple's mobile computers is the 15" Retina screen MacBook Pro model. So when is a good time to buy one of these dream machines? Answer is probably not now unless you urgently require one.

    Why not buy one now? Good question and the reason why is simply that the current model is using a fourth generation Intel "Haswell" processor introduced back in 3rd quarter 2014 - you read it right, the brand new rMPB's are using almost 2 years old processor technology.

    Is this a problem? Well they are not a cheap processor being about US$623 for the i7-4980HQ chip itself, but 2 generations on we are on much more power efficient sixth generation CPU's with better Intel Iris Pro 580 Graphics, support for DDR4 2133 memory and more.

    You have to question why Apple haven't updated to the new processors, and the only answer seems to be that they are working on a major revamp of the retina MacBook Pro in the 15" - probably to coincide with the release of the new Mac OS 10.12 operating system a few months from now.

    Of course this is speculation, but the sixth generation chips have been available since early 2016 and yet Apple have chosen not to add them to the 15" lineup. Generally Apple like to surprise the market, so no details of a new model have been leaked or talked about for some time and it wouldn't surprise me to see a new model just around the corner in time for Christmas and back to school.

    There are a lot of MacBook Pro users out there, some still clinging to their 2011 models and waiting to make the big leap up to the next model with all day battery power, 4K screen, USB 3.1 charging and of course a bit thinner and lighter than the outgoing model. It will be interesting to read back over this note when the new model is released to see how accurate the predictions are.

    As always, happy computing,

    Justin - Mac and PC Repairs, Burleigh Heads