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    28 March at 09:44 from atlas

    Over the years I've had to do a lot of repairs, some a little odd, others a little easy, and on loads of different machines and equipment. I thought I'd share a couple of those jobs and the background behind them.

    Client calls complaining of a strange colour on his monitor and also wants me to setup a home network and printer. Turns out the monitor just had a loose plug needing securing into the back of his PC. From that we discovered a myriad of computer trojans and malware requiring removal, one of his chassis fans had a seized bearing requiring replacement, plus we installed some extra memory in the PC. Then I'm asked to setup a home theatre package and a fax machine and put in a phone call to Austar about some related issue. End result - the screen was fixed and I was kept busy that morning :)

    I was referred to a holiday resort in North Queensland that was dissatisfied with the local IT experts after a few failed visits to fix a broken PC. I was flown up to the resort, accommodated and spent 2 days troubleshooting various back house PC's and servers. The local IT provider could not get a custom built server to POST, turns out the server is completely fine, just required correct memory - still to this day can't believe they couldn't get that right. During the course of the job I upgraded the network to gigabit speed to improve communication speed between various PC's and the main server, provided several hard drive and RAM upgrades and performed troubleshooting on a dodgy ADSL modem that was the root cause of Internet dropouts. I now do remote support by phone or Teamviewer for this client.

    Client wanted to make the move to the dark side and finally give Windows the boot in favour of Apple. After consulting with the client about requirements for the system, what tasks and programs they were currently using on their PC etc, we decided that an iMac was the best solution. Client was in the music industry and had a massive music collection that we imported into iTunes for him. We then hooked up his iMac to the stereo, got him the remote app on an iPhone and he was able to play his songs from his phone using the remote app while entertaining outside.

    Got a phone call long distance about a computer not able to send / receive emails through Outlook. I had to log in via remote support and found two stuck read receipts that weren't visible from Outlook. Ended up running the Microsoft fix tool that deleted the hidden stuck read receipts, but still emails were being blocked. Turns out Trend Micro virus protection had been very recently installed and was blocking all email communication - simple solution was just allow Outlook through the firewall and also check for other programs require internet access and creating rules for those.

    Had a travel agent client that only used Apple computers, but required Windows installed for her booking system. Solution was to install Windows XP via BootCamp on her MacBook Pro and setup virus protection, printer drivers and required software. Intel macs can run windows natively, but PC's cannot run OS X natively (at least not without hacking the install).