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  • Mac Spare Parts

    8 February at 15:25 from atlas

    One of the key skills of running a business is the ability to recognise opportunities as they arise. Here at Mac and PC Repairs, we've recently had such a revelation and have nimbly set about branching out in order to achieve great things in the future.

    Introducing our Mac spare parts program - designed with you, our customers in mind. When you have a problem with your out of warranty Mac, or when the Apple store tells you the machine you cherish is now a vintage model (over 5 years old) we want to help. Our aim is to purchase old machines, or broken machines from you, and salvage the working parts in order to help other customers keep their machines serviceable. By wrecking old machines for their parts, we can ensure clients can keep their Macs working reliably for longer.

    As we move forward with plans to launch a new website and as we continue to buy older and not working machines for their parts, we also provide our repair business with the necessary spares to ensure further growth. Of course many of the repairs we perform use brand new items and we also work hard to ensuring a good supply of new batteries, trackpads, cables, screens and many more parts with a warranty. We hope to have these available on the new website as well.

    If you'd like a trade in price or an outright buy price for your old or broken mac, please email or call.

    Happy Computing.