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  • MacBook Pro Black Screen of death

    11 March at 11:44 from atlas

    Is your MacBook Pro not turning on or do you get strange characters on the screen and then it freezes? How about when you turn on your MacBook it chimes and then the grey screen appears and even the Apple logo appears but then your MacBook freezes before the login screen? All of these issues point to a particular problem with the MacBook ranges - graphics chipset failures.

    As the graphics chipset is integrated into the logic board it is not a simple task to repair, but rather a delicate operation involving some very technical equipment that is used to diagnose the problem components, replace and repair where needed and then to test all is OK.

    The Apple black screen of death can be repaired by specialists, where authorized Apple repairers would look to replace the entire logic board at stratospheric prices. It's not uncommon for a logic board replacement for even a base model MacBook Pro to be over $1000 through official channels and you may have only paid $1500 for a new one 13 months ago, so it's not always an economical option.

    We can save you up to 60% off a replacement board cost by repairing the problem on the logic board for you. Many rumors exist about the cause of these issues, but the truth is in this environmentally friendly era we live in, some of the heavy metals used in solder to secure components in place have been removed and this affects the properties of solder in a negative way. The removal of lead from solder results in an added in-elasticity in the solder and with the heat expansion and cold contraction on this material, micro cracks develop over time and eventually this can affect the electrical signals to components on the logic board causing strange anomalies or in more severe cases - POST (power on self test) failures (black screen of death)

    The process firstly involves you bringing in your Mac. We then confirm a diagnosis, give you the quotation for repair, take your details, remove the hard drive with your personal files from the Mac and prepare the Mac for transportation to the specialist repairers in Melbourne. Usual turnaround times are 2 to 3 weeks for the repair to be returned. If there are any unforeseen problems, the repairers will let us know and in the rare event they cannot repair, your Mac will be returned free of charge.

    For an obligation free repair quote, please contact us with your MacBook model and details of the problem.

    Happy Computing :-)