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  • Should I visit the Apple Genius bar?

    31 May at 11:39 from atlas

    On the rare occasion when your Mac or iPhone starts playing up, or stops working, you need to consider your next move.

    There are a number of options from self help, to dropping into a computer repair store or for Apple products you can book an appointment with the local genius at your nearest Apple store.

    Self Help

    If you've got access to the internet you can certainly try googling your issue or symptoms and researching if there are any known solutions for the problem. If you feel competent enough to perform some simple fixes whether it be changing settings, resetting etc please go ahead and see if the problem is resolved.

    Computer Repair Store

    If the problem is a bit beyond your competency or you don't feel comfortable with self help, it would be best to visit a local who knows your product and let them investigate the issue, offer you a solution or recommendation and get you back to work asap.

    Apple Genius Bar

    If you're still under warranty or Apple Care, I'd recommend booking an appointment and visiting the local Apple store. If the issue is hardware related they are the best people to talk to.
    The only downside with using the Apple Genius bar is that you have to book an appointment which may mean waiting up to a week to see them. A lot of problems can be solved same day so if you require urgent repairs or even just to diagnose a problem, we can usually see you on the same day.

    Whichever road you choose, know that we are here to help you with your Mac issues and look forward to being of service if and when the need arises.

    Happy Computing :-)